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  • How long do I have to return the items I have ordered?
    Anyone who orders from our site has the standard 30-Days from the day they received the item(s) to return what they don't want. You will receive a full refund for whatever is returned and be credited for return shipping costs.
  • Is international shipping available through this site?
    No. Not at this time. We only offer domestic shipping in the continental U.S. excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • What if I have a question about your customer service or a general complaint?
    There are (2) ways to reach us. You can first go to the CONTACT US page and then submit your inquiry. Press send and we will respond within 3-5 business days, Monday through Friday, 8a-4p EST. Next, you can click the Chat section at the bottom right of the site. We usually respond within 24-72 hours depending how busy we are. Please be advised, we do not respond to unsolicited offers or spam messages.
  • What are your methods of payment for this site?
    At present, we strictly use a PayPal (API) that handles our payment processing with use of credit/debit cards or through your PayPal account directly.
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